Relatives Who Don't Look Related

There are lots of odd things about being mixed. They're easy to forget until something weird happens. For example, not looking like my immediate relatives. It's no biggie until someone asks my dad if I'm his girlfriend.


The weirdest interactions come when people see me with my brother Nathan. We have different dads and nothing physical in common. At 6+ feet, he looms over me. He has green eyes and wavy brown hair. We don't look like we go together but psychologically, that's my ace! Which means we act like family - the kind that gets along, not the kind that makes everyone else feel awkward. And that means that, if his wife isn't nearby, people think I'm Mrs. Nathan Weinberg.

That wouldn't be so bad if they believed us when we tell them "No, we're brother/sister." But we've actually had people say, "You're joking!"

Who jokes about that? Double gross.

Me and my brother. We don't look alike but sometimes we dress alike.

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