Survey Says: Mixed People More Attractive

A recent study in Britain found that people rated the faces of mixed-race people as "more attractive" than those of either Blacks or Whites. (Source: The Week magazine)

This is the first time I've heard of a study on the topic, but I have heard plenty of people coo, "Ohh, mixed babies are sooo cute." In America, I've overheard White teenage girls tell friends who are dating Black guys, "You two will have the prettiest babies." And, I've had conversations with Black men where they assume a friend of mine is good looking because she's mixed.

Seriously, where does fascination this come from? Do White women deliberately pursue Black men because they hope to have cute mixed kids? Will "Mixed people are hot" become a saying, similar to "Blonds have more fun"? I hope not because, honestly, have you seen some of us? Malcolm Gladwell is brilliant and, I'm sure, a lovely person, but he's never going to make People's sexiest people list.

Don't get me wrong. I do think that a little diversity in one's background can be a good thing. To see homogeneity gone wrong, take a look at the British royalty. They have been inbred to the nth degree and now, no matter how cute they are when they're young, they all end up looking a bit horsey (or, in the case of Harry wearing a Nazi uniform, looking like an ass). At the other end of the scale are people from North Africa and the Middle East. Surveys consistently rate this group as one of the best looking on the planet. They are a seamless blend of the best of Black, White and Asian - naturally tan, luscious hair and almond-shaped eyes.

According to the Census, the number of marriages between Blacks and Whites continues to grow. If you buy into the whole 'mixed people are more attractive,' you're in luck. We're just a few decades away from being a nation of hotties!

Strong Like Bull

We have a new doorman for my apartment building. He's Russian and seems nice. We've met twice.  The second time, after asking my name, he followed up by asking if I'm Indian because he has a friend with my name who is. No, but I heard that a lot when I traveled there.

The next question could be seen coming from a mile off: What's your background?

I had just run a half marathon, so I was in a good mood but a little tired. All I wanted to do was go to my apartment, ice and eat. Still, this is my doorman. I'm going to have to see him everyday for the rest of the time I live here. I decided to start with the less obvious and work up to what he wanted to know...

Me: I'm Irish and English...

Him: Wow, I never would have guessed!

Me: And French Canadian, Native American and African American.

Him: You must be very strong.

What?! Strong? That's a new one. I think I must have given him a blank stare, but that could have been the race-induced glazed look.

Him: All that mixing means you are the best of everything. People who are just one thing, they get, how do you say, thinned down. Not strong. You are probably very healthy.

Well, that explains why, despite being exposed to a sick boyfriend and mom in the last week, I'm still well. Mixed chicks; we're strong like bull!