Is That What I Look Like?!

I have freckles. Mostly on my face and right leg. I don't think about them much except to put on sunblock so they don't mutate into something health threatening. 
Sometimes people comment on the freckles. Friends who haven't seen me in a while always say "You have more freckles!" when we run into each other. I'm always surprised by this because I forget that they are there.
Yesterday, I saw a woman in the Apple store who looked Asian mixed with black and maybe white. She had freckles...A LOT of freckles. They were so shocking, I almost did a double take. Her freckles were, to put it mildly, noticeable. I just wanted to look, take them in, think about their affect on her looks. I couldn't look back because she'd caught my eye and  smiled at me. I don't know why, did she think we are freckle sisters or does she forget she has them, too? I smiled back. 
As I looked away, I wondered, do my freckles get the same reaction? No wonder people feel compelled to ask me what I am that makes me look this way. I think what they are saying is "What crazy combination of races did THAT?"

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